Does headlight restoration improve visibility with nighttime driving? The short answer is yes! If there is fading on the headlights then there is going to be light from the headlight that becomes hazy, leaving off a dull glow. And this is important because over 58% of teenage accidents occur after 9pm, but the danger isn't with teen drivers alone. In fact, over 40% of fatal accidents occur at night. And drivers over the age of 50 need TWICE as much light as the average 30 year old driver. So keeping headlights as bright as possible is a very important and often overlooked part of car care safety.

Headlights discolor over time because they are often made of a high grade plastic that can get discolored from the heat of the light day after day. There are other conditions like weather and road debri that can break down the plastic as well. But once your headlights are restored, you can expect to drive with clear headlights for as long as it took to build up! Make sure to inspect your headlights every year, because for the low cost of restoration, you can expect to be safer and seeing more clearly on the road.

If your headlights are looking dim, come to an AutoExpress location and we'll get them back to new! With high powered wet and dry sanders, a professional polish and a clear coat that protects the lenses from UV rays and dimming, or expert technicians can have your headlights back to bright the same day you bring your vehicle in. 

By restoring your headlights, you'll add up to 4 seconds of additional reaction time when driving moderate to high speeds in the dark! Those four seconds can save you from an accident!


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