High Mileage
 Synthetic Blend
 Good protection Specially designed for engines over 75,500 Better protection Best protection
  Engineered Specifically 
For Diesel Engines
 Good performance Helps replenish worn and leaky seals Better performance Best performance Conventional
 Good sludge protection Helps restore lost compression Better cleaning Better cleaning Synthetic Blend
  Helps reduce oil consumption Better fuel economy Best fuel economy Synthetic
   Protects in temperature extremes Protects in temperature extremes 
*Prices listed above are advertised at starting price. Tax is additional. Pricing may vary based on vehicle. See shop for complete details.

Included with Every Oil Change:
 Install premium oil filter | Install up to 5 quarts of premium motor oil | Lubricate chassis | Check air filter | Check battery | Check & fill power steering fluid | Check & fill windshield washer fluid | Check transmission/transaxale fluids | Check & set tire pressure | Check tire depth wear | Check front & rear wiper blades | Visually inspect coolant/anti-freeze level | Visually inspect brake fluid level | Visually inspect serpentine belt