Pick up trucks are meant to work hard. They are constantly loaded with heavy and dirty hauls. And all that heavy lifting can scrape and wear out the bed liner. Not to mention they are exposed to all kinds of weather year round, the sun fading them, the cold cracking them. They are prone to wearing out so you want to make sure you protect your truck. And while there are DIY spray kits, unless you're a professional and have a top of the line sprayer, a spray can of bed liner is going to look amateur and can lower the resale value of your truck.
So how about bed liner inserts? While they seem like a viable option, if they aren't fitted perfectly they can scratch the liner of the truck and can allow water, snow, rocks and dirt in the gaps, leading to decay, rust and more scraping. 
So if you're going to protect the liner of your truck, the professional spray on bed liner is your best option. They provide protection and waterproofing and when done professionally they add value to your truck, leaving it looking newer for longer. Another benefit of the spray liner is that they come in a variety of colors, matching any nuances in the original, whereas the drop in liners only come in black. And where the drop in liners fade, the latest spray liners have built in UV protection, keeping it from fading and sun damage. The spray on liners are extremely easy to take care of and clean. Just spray the hose on the bed of the truck and wash it like you would the rest of the truck. It's a low maintenance but highly effective option to keeping your truck bed protected. 
Did you know you can also have more than your truck bed lined? At AutoExpress you can have these lined as well:
  • Step Rails  
  • Bumpers
  • Rocker Panels
  • Fender Flares
  • Entire Truck
  • Hunting & Off-Road Vehicles
  • Trailers & RVs
  • Flat Bottom Boats
But remember, not all spray on bed liners are created equal. At AutoExpress we use the highest quality Ameraguard liners with experts trained in the latest technology. Why Ameraguard? Because they are the leader in protection against rust and corrosion. They use an anti-skid resistant surface that keeps cargo secure and allows for easy loading and unloading. The liners are also resistant to common chemicals like automotive and diesel fuel, chlorine, paint and salt water and more.
We stand behind our work and any place you take your truck to have the liner done, should do the same. Call us anytime and we can set an appointment!
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