We are tackling a blog series on weather and getting your car running well for all that upcoming snow! I know, we don't want to say that dreaded 'S' word, but it's better to be prepared and not need it then find ourselves stuck in a snow squall and unable to get home!
But before we talk about snow, let's remember that the LEAVES are falling and they are EVERYWHERE. And by everywhere, I mean your car. And not just on top of the hood, those leaves and twigs and dirt can build up
in areas of your car where water is supposed to run out, leading to leaks or corrosion.

The air plenum near the windshield is a classic spot where this can happen. Here's what we mean:



If you have a sunroof, open it up and look around in there, too, from outside the car. Sunroofs have drains to flow water that sneaks past the seals down and out of the car. Plant gunk in there can plug those drains, making for wet headliners, wet carpets or worse.

And while you're inspecting your car for leaves, make sure you take a look under your vehicle. To improve aerodynamics and save fuel, today’s cars are equipped with increasingly elaborate underbody panels and low-hanging air dams. These can be vulnerable to damage, and driving over a snowdrift in the winter could turn a small problem into a more expensive one by ripping off the entire panel and maybe its mounting hardware.


So before the ground’s too chilly to lie on, take a look under the car, starting from the front, to see if there’s anything loose flapping about. Maybe you can just pop it back into place. Maybe a zip tie will take care of it, or even duct tape. Or if you're uncomfortable trying to DIY anything hanging, call the experts at AutoExpress and let them handle it!





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