Every year certain counties in PA require an emissions test, to test for air quality in the vehicle. All Philadelphia counties require this test, as it's based on populations of counties with over 200,000 residents. But did you know that there are some exemptions to needing your emissions tested? If you read this blog and wonder if you're exempt, contact a specialist at Auto Express and find out!

Are any vehicles exempt from Pennsylvania’s emissions program?
Yes. Vehicles will be exempt from the program if:  • the vehicle has been owned for one year and driven less than 5,000 miles in the prior year. However, motorists must go to an emissions inspection station to verify the vehicle’s mileage and receive an exemption sticker. Motorists can do this when they get their safety inspection if the station performs both types of inspections. • the vehicle is a new car, not previously titled and has less than 5,000 miles before registration; motorists should receive an exemption sticker valid for up to 12 months upon receipt of the new car from your new car dealer. Exemptions are determined by a certified emissions inspector. 
Will motorists still need an emissions inspection sticker if their vehicle is exempt from the emissions inspection program? 
Yes. Even if the vehicle is exempt from the emissions inspection program motorists will still need to go to an inspection station to receive an exemption sticker for the vehicle. The station can charge a fee to issue an exemption sticker. 
Are any vehicles excluded from Pennsylvania’s emissions program?
Yes.  Vehicles will be excluded from the program if: • the vehicle is registered as a street rod, classic, collectible, antique or specially constructed vehicle and motorcycles.  Vehicles excluded from the program will not have the “Emissions Inspection Required/Diesel Vehicles Exempt” message in their registration card.
What is a waiver?  A certified emissions inspection station with a certified repair technician on staff may issue a waiver for a vehicle that does not pass an emissions inspection after the vehicle owner has made a minimum of $150 worth of emissions-related repairs. A waiver is valid for one year. Waivers will not be issued to vehicles that do not pass the Visual Anti-Tampering Check.
What costs count towards the waiver? 
Costs which count toward the waiver amount include:  • Diagnosis fees • Parts installed and labor performed at a recognized repair location • Costs of parts installed by vehicle owner/operator. Waivers will not be issued to vehicles that do not pass the Visual Anti-Tampering Check.
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