Pennsylvania is one state of many that requires a vehicle safety inspection every year. The certified auto shop is looking to make sure your vehicle passes certain safety standards, like the condition of your tires, that all belts and hoses are in good working condition, that your brakes have held up and even down to whether your windshield wipers work properly. The idea is to ensure that the vehicles on the road are up to standards that keep everyone on the road safe. A malfunction of your brakes affects more than just you or your car but can have obvious, terrible consequences. So just how effective have the safety inspections been? Well an independent study has compared accidents in PA against states that do not require an inspection. Here are the results:
• Nationally, vehicle safety inspection programs appear to be a significant factor in lowering fatal crashes 
• Based on the model results, Pennsylvania can be expected to have between 115 and 169 fewer fatal crashes each year, corresponding to between 127 and 187 fewer fatalities each year, than it would if it did not have a vehicle safety inspection program;
• The largest difference in reported vehicle failures at the scene of fatal crashes between states with programs and states without programs is for vehicles of three years of age or more 
• The combination of state-level and county-level analysis of fatality data provide consistent and complementary results.

So if you have an inspection due and it feels like one more thing to do, remember that these inspections are to keep all of us safe! And a reminder, you can come in now if your inspection is due for October, November or December! Schedule an appointment with us and we'll get you out fast!
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