Power Steering Flush and Fill starting at $99.99
In order for your vehicle to steer smoothly it relies on an electronically or mechanically powered belt that drives its power steering pump. This pump pushes steering fluid to the steering gear, which over time can become contaminated, making it less efficient and the steering to become difficult. Every 30,000-50,000 miles (depending on your specific vehicle manufacturer's recommendation) the power steering fluid will need to be replaced. 

Besides the manufacturer's recommendation, there are also signs your vehicle needs a power steering flush. If you experience any of the below steering problems, contact an Auto Express technician to schedule your power steering flush and fill.

Signs of a power steering problem include:
Difficulty or stiffness when steering 
Groaning, grinding, or squealing noises when you turn the wheel
Vibrations when steering the wheel
Erratic or jerking motions when steering

Service Information:
Appointment Info:  Walk-ins Welcome/ No Appointment Needed
Time to Complete Service: 30 minutes or less
Cost: Starting at $99.99 

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